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You want to grow your hair the natural way? Well, unique serum is the right choice for you. It is made by MIMINE BEAUTY to help people who have difficulty growing their hair naturally. 

There are multiple beneficial ingredients within this serum that will surprise you, and these ingredients help accelerate the speed of your monthly hair growth: 

The benefits are as follow: 

Prevent dry, flaky scalp and dandruff. It also prevents premature hair gray and protects your hair from the sun.  

It promotes hair growth, stop hair loss, treat baldness, help with dryness and itchy scalp. 


The ingredients include in the serum are only natural because we want to keep your hair natural without chemical which is good for the health of your hair. There are a list of natural oils and herbs used to make this serum and below is a few: 

Castor oil  

Keep your hair and scalp healthy and moisturize. 

Reduce inflammation and prevent dermatitis.  

Olive oil 

High in antioxidants contents which prevent the hair from cells damage. 

promotes moisturized and healthy scalp, fights infections caused by bacteria, and improves the blood circulation in your scalp. A better scalp blood circulation makes your hair follicles stronger thereby helping to produce hair strands that are softer, healthy and thicker.  

Lavender flower 

Antimicrobial, help prevent or kill head lice. 

Help curb skin inflammation and have a common effect and divine fragrance 

Fenugreek powder 

Revive damaged hair and control scalp inflammation

Add shine and soft texture

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