About us

MIMINE BEAUTY was found by Jasmine Mondestin in 2021 after she was researching to find a solution to grow her hair naturally without chemical. Using her research, she found many ingredients that could help protect the hair while growing it shine and beautiful. After testing those ingredients on her hair, children and other family, she decided to bring the solution to the public.

We manufactured natural oil for hair growth and skin restoration. Our natural products are made from organic herbal products and have no added preservative products and chemicals. Our focus is to help you grow your hair the natural way so that the hair length you grow stays.

The products we use for the face oil are meant to help glowing the skin, protect from aging and sun damage.

We believe in being beautiful, so we take the initiative help our friends and family staying beautiful. We also sell other products buy from vendors that you can enjoy as well.

Hair oil for hair growth

There are multiple beneficial ingredients within this serum that will surprise you, and these ingredients help accelerate the speed of your monthly hair growth: Prevent dry, flaky scalp and dandruff. It also prevents premature hair gray and more.

Hair oil for natural hair growth

Face serum is a none-greasy face oil that will make your skin glow and soft. It reduces Acne Spot and help with Natural look. It can be used on any type of skin and absorbed quickly into the skin to restore and replenish moisture, leaving you with a healthy glowing.

Face oil for beauty improvement